Weather station Profi

The high-quality wireless weather station from Barani Design will provide meteorological data with accuracy according to the standards of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
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Water savings of up to 35%

The weather Station Profi helps us, among other things, to calculate evapotranspiration, which we calculate from these 4 variables: solar radiation intensity, wind speed, air temperature and relative humidity.

Quality and accuracy

Thanks to this professional weather station from Barani Design, we will provide you with accurate weather conditions in the CleverFarm application.

Work efficiency

Plan your agro activities based on precisely measured meteorological conditions.


For even more accurate control of irrigation systems in the CleverFarm application, we calculate the value of evapotranspiration – total evaporation from the surface and from crops to the atmosphere. One of the most important sensors that helps us calculate evapotranspiration is the sunlight sensor.

Wind sensor

The wind sensor from Barani Design provides high-quality data on wind speed and direction thanks to MEASNET requirements. This high-quality wind sensor can be used to optimize irrigation systems, but also for all agro operations on your farm.

Solar panel charging

Thanks to the solar panel, the sensor is maintenance-free, so there is no need to replace the batteries. This weather station will provide accurate data even in extreme climatic conditions.

Be notified at any time

Set any conditions you want to be notified about in CleverFarm platform. As soon as the value exceeds condition defined by you, we will send you email automatically. You can also set the frequency of notification.


Degree of protectionIP67W (DIN 40050) Watertight
PowerBuilt in solar panel with internal Li-Ion battery for 8+ months of operation without sun
Battery lifetime8+ months of operation without sun
IoT standardsSigfox, (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT coming soon)
Dimensions200 X 200 X 60 mm (length X width X height)
Weight700 grams (including stainless steel mounts)
Operating temperature & humidity-33 °C to +65 °C (Special versions from -40 °C to +65 °C are available for snow temperature sensor applications)
Sensor nodeMeteoAG
Rain gaugeMeteoRain® 200 rain gauge, MeteoRain® IoT wireless rain gauge
WindMeteoWind® wireless wind sensor
Weather stationMeteoHelix® weather station

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