Let us be your guide to all aspects of Precision Agriculture

We’ve combined our own experience with years of consulting with farmers. The result is the CleverFarm app, which integrates all priciples of Precision Agriculture into a single place. Now farmers can reduce material costs, increase yields, and be more efficient at work.

CleverFarm provides cutting-edge solutions to farmers. Our vision is to bring sustainable, profitable, and ecologically friendly farming to the entire world. We’re a Czech company operating primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our ambitions, however, are to help the whole world embrace Precision Agriculture. Our products can be used by everyone, no matter if you’re a small family farm or a megacorporation. We’re already operating in Ukraine, Chile, and Serbia - with plans to increase focus on Central and Western Europe, Russia, East and Southeast Asia, and the Americas.

Our team


Adam Zlotý

Oldřich Kahoun

Petr Zlotý
Solution Architect


Vojta Malina
Global Sales Director

Tomáš Berek
Sales representative

Jiří Čížek
Sales representative

Michal Beneš
Sales representative


Iva Strnadová
Support CleverAssets

Iva Všetečková
Cadastre consultant


Adam Severa
Chief Marketing Officer

Vendula Bezáková
Online marketing

Development & Design

Ondřej Božek
Senior Developer

Veronika Švarcová
Vedoucí vývoje

Martin Macko
Backend Developer

Gabi Podolníková
Full-stack Developer

Jaroslav Tesařík
Full-stack Developer

Tomáš Giesl
UX/UI Designer

Martin Peňák
Frontend Developer

Ondrej Zvara
Frontend developer

Petr Šimek
Senior Developer

David Sládeček
Junior QA Engineer

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