Because we are aware of the unsustainability of the current approach. We perceive the need to change the approach to agriculture. Our primary goal is to reduce agricultural inputs (water, mineral fertilizers, seeds, chemicals...), to streamline and optimize the work of farmers. At the same time, we aim to achieve harmony and balance so that the farm is profitable and sustainable.


We want to be the best in the world. Our vision is to become the first choice software platform in agriculture.


Introduce and scale a professional decision-making tool platform that will enable farmers to "grow with less" and fundamentally increase sustainability in the agricultural sector.

So this is us

Our CleverFarm culture


Responsibility and flexibility

Regardless of whether we work from the office or from the comfort of our homes, we know how our roles fit together and how to stay productive. We can quickly adapt to the current situation and solve any problems while they are still hot. Each of us has...


Good luck to the sport!

One of the things that unites us is the love of movement. We run, ride bikes, go on trips together, we like to play ping-pong or badminton. And because we like challenges, we often plan various competitions in which we then measure our strengths. For example, at a company triathlon. In short, we are a team that has movement in its blood and is not afraid to show it.


The customer always comes first

Changing established systems is not easy. In order to achieve common goals, we try to fulfill the wishes and needs of our customers even before they are aware of them. This cannot be done without a personal approach and constant interest in their satisfaction.


We are constantly improving

Openness in communication, information sharing and the possibility to share any opinion or idea creates a unique environment that motivates personal development. It is therefore not surprising that we manage to advance not only ourselves, but also our services.

Our benefits

ikona narozeninové volno
Birthday leave
ikona dovolená navíc
25 days of vacation
ikona vzdělávání
Education support
ikona party
Regular team building events
ikona home office
Unlimited home office
ikona stravenky
Food allowance

Maybe we're looking for you

We are currently looking

Obchodní manager/ka

Hledáme Obchodního manažera nebo manažerku, který/á bude mít na starosti rozvoj obchodních aktivit na českém trhu.


If we haven't found the position you're looking for, send us your CV or link to LinkedIn and our HR Hanka will get in touch with you.

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