Get the most
out of precision farming

The current state of the vegetation
Growth potential for parcels
Analysis of soil samples
Revenue maps
Meteorological conditions
Vyzkoušet aplikaci

We will guide you through a complete precision agriculture service

01 Data collection

We select plots of crop history (10 years), analyze the crop plan for the given season, yield data from harvesters and soil samples.

02 Data evaluation

We continuously evaluate the state of the stand, we will process the growth potential on the detail of the plot. We will process analyzes of soil samples and yield maps.

03 Technical control

We will evaluate your technology from the point of view of usability in precision agriculture and train the operator. We will recommend possible investment costs.

04 Consulting

We will provide you with expert advice during the agricultural season.

05 Evaluation of the season

We will evaluate the impacts of precision agriculture with regard to meteorological conditions, economic impacts, yield, nutrient balance and nitrogen use at the plot/zone level and recommend appropriate actions for the following season.

01 Sběr dat

Vybereme pozemky osevní historie (10 let), analyzujeme osevní plán na danou sezonu, data z kombajnů o výnosech a půdní vzorky.

02 Vyhodnocení dat

Průběžně vyhodnocujeme stavu porostu, zpracujeme růstový potenciál na detailu parcely. Zpracujeme rozbory půdních vzorků a výnosových map.

03 Kontrola techniky

Zhodnotíme Vaši techniku z pohledu využitelnosti v precizním zemědělství a zaškolíme obsluhu. Doporučíme případné investiční náklady.

04 Poradenství

Poskytneme Vám odborné poradenství v průběhu zemědělské sezóny.

05 Vyhodnocení sezóny

Vyhodnotíme dopady precizního zemědělství s ohledem na meteorologické podmínky,  ekonomické dopady, výnos, bilanci živin a využití dusíku na úrovni parcel/zón a doporučíme vhodné kroky pro následující sezónu.

The CleverFarm company has developed a unique method of evaluating the condition of your stands

Find the best time when plants really need nutrition
Compare different plotsand find out which one should be fertilized first.
Find out in which zones there is enough chlorophyll and where you can save on fertilizers.

We monitor regularly

01 Biomass
02 Chlorophyll content
03 Water content
We know what is happening in your field
and why it is happening.
NDVI technology
After Before
The technology
used by CleverFarm

Growth potential based on historical data

The service describes the spatial variability of agricultural stands using historical analysis (up to 25 years) of satellite images. For all zones, the involvement of each stand is analyzed and the quality is evaluated in relation to the best zone. The output is the determination of the area extent and relative potential of each zone.

Winter wheat
Winter rape

What is the use of historical image analysis?

Balance fertilization

Based on historical data, we will evaluate the growth potential of each crop. Subsequently, you can variably dose different amounts of fertilizers into the zones that arise from this evaluation.

Variable seeding

Furthermore, the growth potential will ensure a high-quality yield with even lower seed costs per individual crop. Historical data will thus ensure the optimization of sowing, sow only where it is needed.

Optimization of soil sampling

Reduce the amount of samples taken based on the long-term stable yield levels of the plot.

How do we get it into your machine?

We simply send a USB file remotely to John Deere, AGCO group (Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra), CNHI (New Holland and Case) tractors.

We will evaluate the economic impact of the variable application

Revenue map

Yield t/ha

Nitrogen content

Supply of net N Kg/ha

PFP index

Crop / Supply of pure N

The service includes the possibility of renting IoT sensors

Weather station Profi

The high-quality wireless weather station from Barani Design will provide meteorological data with accuracy according to the standards of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Weather Stations Plus

The complete weather station provides an overview of meteorological conditions and historical data, which is stored in the application- including data from previous years.

Weather Station

Plan your agro activities based on all weather conditions, minus the wind sensor.

Soil sensor Salinity

This sensor measures soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity. The sensor will help you optimize irrigation.

Soil sensor Volumetric

Measures soil moisture and temperature. The sensor will help you optimize irrigation and determine the appropriate sowing time.

Soil sensor Absorb

Control water capacity and soil temperature for efficient irrigation and cost savings.

Valve Actuator

Central irrigation controls allows SWITCHING irrigation on and off from home or office. Everything is controlled remotely in the application, where you can create irrigation plans or control irrigation manually.

Silo sensor

Keep the temperature in the silo under control.

Post harvest sensor

Keep the temperature in the warehouse under control

Sensor basic

The sensor measures temperature and humidity and thus monitors the microclimatic conditions in the vegetation. Monitoring of conditions can be used in the fields, for example when applying POR or in post-harvest halls.

Look at the specific economic benefits of the service

„For the second year since the implementation of precision agriculture principles, we have successfully saved €26 per hectare on fertilizers and seeds.“

Ján Narancsík
Exata Group

„By applying precision agriculture, we saved an incredible 600,000 CZK on fertilizers in one season.“

Jiří Souček
AZOS Zakřany