Intelligent sensors

Intelligent IoT sensors allow farmers to check conditions anywhere the sensor is placed. Low-powered devices run on battery and last for up to 2 years.

Sensors on pencil batteries

No wires or routers required. You can place the sensor anywhere and immediately monitor the conditions from your mobile phone or computer.

Pest and disease prediction

Thanks to advanced prediction models, you can predict the occurrence of diseases in crops in time.

Intelligent irrigation

Automate your irrigation system based on soil and airborne feedback.

We have already implemented smart irrigation on

City park

The quality of the lawn is essential for the inhabitants of the city. However, it is often irrigated with drinking water and irrigation is carried out without information about the saturation of the soil with water. Here, too, we measure soil and air humidity and temperature, rainfall and wind.


Some countries in the region face long-term water shortages. Agriculture in Chile is almost entirely irrigated, and the government issues allowances to farmers for the maximum amount of water they can drain from irrigation canals.

Golf course

Irrigation systems are an important element for golf courses to maintain a quality lawn. However, optimization of water consumption is necessary. We install a monitoring part, a control part and also sensors that monitor the water temperature for irrigation.

Agriculture land

Most often for the production of vegetables that need constant irrigation. We simply install sensors under the pivots, add a weather station and constantly measure the impact. Subsequently, we recommend when to run the irrigation and when to turn it off.

Mestský park

Kvalita trávnika je pre obyvateľov mesta nevyhnutná. Často sa však zavlažuje pitnou vodou a závlahy sa púšťajú bez informácie o nasýtenosti pôdy vodou. Aj tu meriame vlhkosť a teplotu pôdy a vzduchu, dažďové zrážky a vietor.

Ovocné sady

Niektoré krajiny regiónu sa stretávajú s dlhodobým nedostatok vody. Poľnohospodárstvo v Čile je takmer celé pod závlahou a vláda vydáva poľnohospodárom kvóty na maximálne množstvo vody, ktoré môžu zo zavlažovacích kanálov odčerpať.

Golfové ihrisko

Závlahové systémy sú pre golfové ihriská významným prvkom pre udržanie kvalitného trávnika. Optimalizácia spotreby vody je však potrebná. Inštalujeme monitorovaciu časť, riadiacu časť a tiež senzory, ktoré strážia teplotu vody pre závlahy.

Poľnohospodárske pole

Najčastejšie na produkciu zeleniny, ktorá potrebuje neustálu závlahu. Pod pivoty jednoducho nainštalujeme senzory, pridáme meteostanicu a prípadne doplníme aj o dáta obsahu vody v plodinách. Následne odporúčame, kedy, kde a s akou intenzitou zavlažovať.

Weather station Profi

The high-quality wireless weather station from Barani Design will provide meteorological data with accuracy according to the standards of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Weather Stations Plus

The complete weather station provides an overview of meteorological conditions and historical data, which is stored in the application- including data from previous years.

Weather Station

Plan your agro activities based on all weather conditions, minus the wind sensor.

Soil sensor Salinity

This sensor measures soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity. The sensor will help you optimize irrigation.

Soil sensor Volumetric

Measures soil moisture and temperature. The sensor will help you optimize irrigation and determine the appropriate sowing time.

Soil sensor Absorb

Control water capacity and soil temperature for efficient irrigation and cost savings.

Valve Actuator

Central irrigation controls allows SWITCHING irrigation on and off from home or office. Everything is controlled remotely in the application, where you can create irrigation plans or control irrigation manually.

Silo sensor

Keep the temperature in the silo under control.

Post harvest sensor

Keep the temperature in the warehouse under control

Sensor basic

The sensor measures temperature and humidity and thus monitors the microclimatic conditions in the vegetation. Monitoring of conditions can be used in the fields, for example when applying POR or in post-harvest halls.

Our clients

Intelligent irrigation of orchards in Chile. CleverFarm solution helps farmers in Chile to optimize their inputs such as water and energy with great results.

Intelligent irrigation in Chile
cooperative Coopeumo

„We no longer have to physically go inspect the lawn and soil to check its conditions. Every 30 minutes the sensors send all of the relevant measurements directly to our cell phones. All the data is in one application, which is a major advantage over its competitors.”

Marek Filipčík
Ropice golf area

‚‚We save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process.’’

Miroslav Novak
ASTUR Straskov

"The best thing about CleverFarm is their great customer support and their completely maintenance-free sensors, which haven’t given us a single problem yet.”

Jakub Lacik

„We’ve been able to be much more self-sufficient than before - even with a relatively small number of employees and farming equipment.“

Ing. Ondřej Čáp
Agrospol Jezeřany

„I like the fact that CleverFarm takes customer satisfaction very seriously and is always looking for ways to provide them with the best possible care and service, no matter the situation.”

Jiří Maceček
Velkostatek Tetín

„Any time that we had a problem, all we had to do was give them a call and they solved it right away.”

Marek Sevcik
Vinofrukt, a. s.

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