CleverFarm's service and customer care

„I like the fact that CleverFarm takes customer satisfaction very seriously and is always looking for ways to provide them with the best possible care and service, no matter the situation.”

Jiří Maceček

Farmhouse Tetín

The farm’s original focus was on cattle breeding and dairy production, as well as the breeding of horses. They still to this day raise livestock, specifically Aberdeen Angus bulls. The farm now produces a good selection of crops as well. Production includes cereal grains, beets, soybeans, corn, as well as maintaining long-term grasslands. The current farm manager, Jiří Maceček, joined the team in 2018. He previously worked as an agronomist at Frydek-Mistek, where he experimented with CleverFarm’s IoT technology and Precision Agriculture. And because he was so happy with Brno’s CleverFarm and their great service, he immediately brought them onboard to his new operation at the Tetín farm.

The Challenge

Running such a large operation requires a lot of time and employees. Farm needed to save some time in case of going around their far fields and checking conditions, so they could focus on different activities.

The Solution

The cooperation resulted in 5 sensors and meteorological stands covering their 800 ha of farmland. Now their daily operations can be better planned through continuous monitoring of key metrics such as temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, and barometric pressure. This also helps them implement a much more precise irrigation system. And none of this is terribly complicated, because the agronomists receives fresh data directly to their phones every 30 minutes. In the future, Mr. Macecek is planning on incorporating CleverFarms Satellite Data service to help him identify problem areas where more fertilizer or pest prevention products are needed. Thanks to CleverFarm, the farm not only saves time and money, but also does so with a minimal environmental impact.


Mr. Maceček used to managed a farm that had a meadow 14 km far from the base in Northern Moravia. The hay was dry, just before pressing. However, a storm came at night. Morning radar recorded that the whole area was flooded with the rain. Based on this information, they planned drying the hey, instead of pressing it. However, Mr. Maceček went to see the meadow and asked passerby if it was raining the last night or not. Passerby told him that they slept outside and no drop had fallen. Mr. Maceček immediately called his people on the phone to reaped the hay. The rain came in the evening. After having meteorological on the fields, this cannot happen.

Fully customized cooperation

Another CleverFarm product that Tetín plans to use in the future are our Bar Sensors for their grain storage halls. These sensors alert you to potential problems with disease and pests by continuously monitoring the internal temperature of the stored harvest. The farm also plans to incorporate sensors to assist in precise seeding. Because Tetin has been such a committed business partner to CleverFarm, we even installed some custom-designed sensors to meet their specific needs for storing hay and butchering meat.