Control unit

Unit can drive up to 8 solenoid valves and can be controlled remotely from home or office.
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Optimization of irrigation systems

It is either irrigated too much or insufficiently. CleverFarm solution sets irrigation plans to reach optimized irrigations.

Optimization of personnel costs

Switching irrigation on and off, the areas under irrigation are controlled remotely in the CleverFarm application on a PC, phone or tablet.

Easy installation

Installation takes only a few minutes. The unit is connected to the IoT network and is thus almost maintenance-free.

Irrigation plans

Irrigation plans can be set in the application so that irrigation is as efficient as possible. By bolstering sensors for measuring soil moisture and temperature farmers achieve automated and optimized irrigation.

Solenoid valve actuator

The unit can drive up to 8 solenoid valves and can be remotely controlled via low power IoT network narrowband IoT. The unit also sends telemetry information about indoor temperature and humidity, battery status, valve status.


PowerBattery Cell type D, 3.6V
CommunicationNarrow Band
EncloserProtection class: IP68
Internal sensorsTemperature, humidity
Operating temperature-20°C / +80°C
Implementation takes a few minutes, try us out!
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