Control unit

Unit can drive up to 8 solenoid valves and can be controlled remotely from home or office.

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Optimization of irrigation systems

It is either irrigated too much or insufficiently. CleverFarm solution sets irrigation plans to reach optimized irrigations.

Optimization of irrigation systems

It is either over-watered or under-watered. CleverFarm can set irrigation schedules so that the yield is high quality

Easy installation

Installation takes only a few minutes. The unit is connected to the IoT network and is thus almost maintenance-free.

Irrigation plans

Irrigation plans can be set in the application so that irrigation is as efficient as possible. By bolstering sensors for measuring soil moisture and temperature farmers achieve automated and optimized irrigation.

Solenoid valve actuator

The unit can drive up to 8 solenoid valves and can be remotely controlled via low power IoT network narrowband IoT. The unit also sends telemetry information about indoor temperature and humidity, battery status, valve status.

Use cases

Intelligent irrigation of orchards in Chile. CleverFarm solution helps farmers in Chile to optimize their inputs such as water and energy with great results.

Intelligent irrigation in Chile
cooperative Coopeumo

„We no longer have to physically go inspect the lawn and soil to check its conditions. Every 30 minutes the sensors send all of the relevant measurements directly to our cell phones. All the data is in one application, which is a major advantage over its competitors.”

Marek Filipčík
Ropice golf area

‚‚We save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process.’’

Miroslav Novak
ASTUR Straskov

"The best thing about CleverFarm is their great customer support and their completely maintenance-free sensors, which haven’t given us a single problem yet.”

Jakub Lacik

„We’ve been able to be much more self-sufficient than before - even with a relatively small number of employees and farming equipment.“

Ing. Ondřej Čáp
Agrospol Jezeřany

„I like the fact that CleverFarm takes customer satisfaction very seriously and is always looking for ways to provide them with the best possible care and service, no matter the situation.”

Jiří Maceček
Velkostatek Tetín

„Any time that we had a problem, all we had to do was give them a call and they solved it right away.”

Marek Sevcik
Vinofrukt, a. s.
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