Effective irrigation thanks to monitoring of soil salinity and moisture

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Save up to 25% on water

The combination of moisture and electrical conductivity in the soil together with meteorological conditions will set the appropriate irrigation plans.

Personnel cost optimization

Irrigation switching on and off controls remotely in CleverFarm platform on a PC, phone or tablet.

Cost maintenance

It is either watered too much or insufficiently. CleverFarm can adjust irrigation to reach quality yield.

Irrigation effectively

In order to have complete information about the conditions in the soil in real time, we add monitoring of electrical conductivity in the soil to recognize the supply of nutrients to the soil (fertilizer). The soil sensor is designed to measure soil salinity.

We turn rigid irrigation into smart irrigation

Soil sensors measure temperature, humidity and electrical conductivity in the soil, weather station monitor rainfall, air temperature and humidity. Additionally, we implement a sensor that manages valve actuator remotely and set irrigation plans accordingly to the air and soil conditions as well as run and stop irrigation according to the currently conditions.

Using the Salinity sensor

  • Monitoring of salinity in the soil due to fertilization,
  • irrigation optimization,
  • Fertilization optimization,
  • long-term monitoring of soil moisture,
  • prediction of sowing or harvesting suitability,
  • pests and diseases prediction for individual crops.

The whole solution is suitable for all types of irrigation

  • For the irrigation of vegetables, cereals or maize using pivot equipment,
  • drip irrigation usually used in urban greenery, vineyards, etc.
  • sprinklers used on sports turf such as golf courses or football stadiums.


Degree of protectionIP68
Power3.6V Lithium battery, 2 batteries slot
Battery lifetimeUp to 2 years
IoT standardsSigFox, LoRaWan, NB-IoT
Dimensions107 x 65 x 33 – radio unit, case included
Range of radio communicationApprox. 45km outdoor

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