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Make sure your harvest is in save.
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Harvest safe

With the sensors, you will detect problems in the fields or with stored material in time, thus eliminating damage caused by pests and diseases.

Early notification wherever you are

The sensor notifies you of increased or decreased temperature by email or via SMS. This allows you to constantly monitor harvesting conditions and prevent unnecessary pest or disease infestation.

5 sensors to measure temperature

The 3 m long rod sensor is equipped with five sensors for measuring the temperature in the profile of the stored harvest in the halls. The increased temperature in the harvest profile compared to the surroundings then indicates higher humidity, which is a decisive qualitative indicator between harvest and sale. It then reliably detects the occurrence of storage pests. The sensor can also be used to monitor conditions in silage pits, where it can withstand temperatures around 60 ° C.

‚‚We save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process.’’
Miroslav Novák, Chairman of Board
Case study
„Without sensors, we wouldn’t detect problems in the fields or storage in time, meaning the damage would be several times greater.“
Bc. Ondřej Bačina
Case study


Number of measurement units5 x temperature °C units
Power3.6V lithium batery(cca 12 000 transmission)
Battery lifeUp to 2 years
IoT standardsSigFox, LoRaWan, NB-IoT
Dimensions3400 x 65 x 33 mm – radio unit
Range of radio communicationApprox. 45km outdoor
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