Precision farming

A unique method of using satellite images, which recognizes the variability of vegetation vitality based on monitoring arable land in all stages of growth and historical analysis of vegetation development (up to 20 years).
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Save money

Thanks to variable applications, our customers save on fertilizer and seed costs by up to 20% with the same or higher yield.

Quality and yield

In addition cost savings, the variable application will allow you to achieve a qualitatively balanced harvest and a higher yield.

Sustainable management

Variable applications ensure a positive impact on the environment and compassionate treatment of the soil, reduction in pesticides, and efficient use of fertilizers and seeds.

Be even more profitable

by effective use of inputs to your fields.

Plant growth regulator


We will recommend the most suitable time when crops need nutrition.


We will analyze the heterogeneity of your field and divide it into up to 5 zones.

At what intensity

Based on heterogeneity of the field, we will recommend the amount of dose of fertilizer, PPP or seed.

Reduce your inputs by up to 30%

Increase your yield by up to 20%

Are you facing rising prices for fertilizers and plant protection products?

We will get accurate data about your field status

A unique method that constantly evaluates chlorophyll content, water content and biomass. Unlike indexes (NDVI), for example, we will show you the exact amount of chlorophyll and biomass in your crops and tell you if the crop is deficient (or in surplus) of chlorophyll for its particular phenophase / growth period.

When do plants really need nutrition?

Where can you save on fertilizers?

Where to fertilize first?

Save and achieve higher yield & turnover!

What do we measure?


Total area of leaves growing per m2 of land for the application of pesticides and plant growth regulator.

Chlorophyll content

Chlorophyll content in leaves (μg) for nitrogen fertilization.

Water content

Water content in leaves (mm) for effective irrigation control.

How do we get a variable map into your tractor?

You upload the created map to the terminal of your tractor using remote access or a portable USB drive.

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