Use case of CleverFarm from the Obili group, which includes agricultural cooperatives Astur Straškov, ZOD Žižice and Podřipská zemědská: Farming on more than 4,600 hectares with the support of CleverFarm and shared experience in telematics, precision agriculture, agro records and land records.

Complex management with the support of digitization and the use of data, which leads to optimization and savings

Ondřej Dvořák a Pavel Čermák


In the following case study, we will present to you how two farm directors and a specialist in the field of precision agriculture express their opinions and experiences with the implementation of technology and digital tools in their operations.

Astur Straškov: Complex management with digitalization support​

Ondřej Dvořák, director of Astur Straškov, which covers 3,200 hectares of arable land and raises 400 young bulls in fattening, sees digitization as a key part of increasing efficiency and optimizing costs in agriculture. According to Mr. Dvořák, the main benefits of digitization include speeding up processes and ensuring reliability in processes, which for him as a director means the certainty that everything is under control. In this regard, the company uses CleverFarm tools, which focus on precision agriculture, telematics, all connected with agro records. Their overall contribution is to support the efficient management of the entire economy with the aim of saving agricultural inputs.

Farma Podřipská: Use of data for optimization and savings

Similarly, Pavel Čermák, director of the Podřipská farm, points out the importance of digitization, specifically in the monitoring and recording of various agricultural activities, such as the application of plant protection products, sowing and fertilizing, through the CleverFarm application. Thanks to precision agriculture, which it considers to be the future of the field, Podřipská Farma is able not only to plan, but also to correctly time and dose interventions, thereby saving not only financial resources, but also time and fuel. Precision agriculture also allows them to save on nitrogen fertilizers, where they can apply the exact amount according to the specific condition of the stand, which has led to a reduction in fertilizer consumption by at least 10%. All this data is integrated and analyzed through an application that is also connected to soil samples.

Nitrogen application

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Qualitative, nitrogen N reduction with the aim of saving on fertilizers


Total savings per hectare: 730 CZK / one fertilizer application.

Data source

Collection and processing of soil samples

We selected several plots, took soil samples, had them evaluated in the ALS laboratory. The result is a display of macro elements such as pH, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and the K/Mg ratio.

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Displaying the analysis results in the application
Soil samples in CleverFarm application
Determining the strategy based on soil analysis
Determining strategy based on soil samples

Yield maps processing

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Yield map
Soil samples in CleverFarm app
Yield map
Determining strategy based on soil samples

PFP index

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Yield map
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Supply of pure nitrogen N
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PFP index
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CleverFarm: Technology Partner in Precision Farming

Jan Zachariaš from CleverFarm emphasizes that their approach to precision farming is built on providing relevant materials for relevant applications, including satellite images and data from soil samples, all processed using sophisticated scripts and indexes such as PFP index, which shows the efficiency of use.


Digitization in agriculture brings new possibilities for efficiency, control and sustainability in the sector, which is evidenced by the experience of Astur Straškov and Podřipská farms, which is successfully implemented CleverFarm tools. Precision agriculture is thus not only emerging as a direction of future development, but also as a practical tool for optimizing current agricultural operations and strategies.