A quick and simple overview of everything related to your farm

Replace Excel spreadsheets with a clear visualization of your farm on the map. Keep a constant overview of everything that happens on the farm, including the fulfillment of all legal obligations.
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Map window

You will find all the information displayed on the map, which will simplify an overview of your land and activities on it.

Quick establishment of your farm

To set up a farm in CleverFarm, just enter your WS key and we will load all the necessary data from the Farmer’s Portal.

Actual data

Any changes in the LPIS will be reflected in the application, so the data is always up to date.

Data security

We protect your data because the application is one-sided. We load the data from LIPIS into the application and no one but you has access to it.

Reports and statistics

Have all your functions, processes and agro operations in the application quickly and easily.

How does the application look in action

Our happy customers
‚‚We save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process.’’
„I like the fact that CleverFarm takes customer satisfaction very seriously and is always looking for ways to provide them with the best possible care and service, no matter the situation.”
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