Storage Hall Sensor

This 3-meter rod sensor is fitted with five different temperature sensors which is kept in the stored harvest inside your storage halls. If the internal temperature of your harvest is higher than the surrounding area, it typically indicates levels of humidty. This can be the decicive factor in whether your harvested commodity retains its value. This sensor can also reliably predict an outbreak of pests. You can also use this sensor inside your silage pit, and it can withstand temperatures up to around 60 °C.



IoT standard
SigFox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT

Frequency band
SigFox (868 Mhz), LoRaWAN (863-870 MHz), NB-IoT (800 MHz)

3.6V lithium batery (cca 12 000 transmission)

120 g

3 x 65 x 33 cm

„If we notice an increase in temperature, we can check for, and eliminate, pests before they have a chance to multiply. Thanks to how easy the app is to use, managing our farm is now quicker and easier.“

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