Silo Sensor

This sensor is used to protect agricultural commodities stored in silos. It can be produced in various lengths, depending on the height of the silo (up to a maximum of 25m). The Silo Sensor has 7-10 individual sensors evenly spaced out along its length and can reliably monitor the internal conditions. It operates the same as the Storage Hall Sensor, and can be used for the controlled aeration of your silos.



IoT standard
SigFox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT

Frequency band
SigFox (868 Mhz), LoRaWAN (863-870 MHz), NB-IoT (800 MHz)

3.6V lithium batery (cca 12 000 transmission)

120 g

3 x 65 x 33 cm

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