Catalogue of CleverFarm sensors

We are introducing the world of agriculture to online sensors – now you can finally keep track of everything that is happening on your farm. We offer a wide selection of sensors, each with its own unique function.


Our weatherstation provides an overview of meteorological conditions, including: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and even rainfall. The CleverFarm application can use this sensor to keep records of these meteorological conditionals going back for several years. This sensor makes it easier to plan both daily and seasonal farming activities.

Measured values: temperature (°C), humitidy (%), atmospheric pressure (hPa), precipitation (mm), wind speed, direction and strenght of gusts (m/s)
Unit price: €154

Leaf Moisture Sensor

A leaf-shaped sensor can be attached to the weather station. This sensor measures how wet the leaf is from 0 to 20 (0 being completely dry). You can even see the drying process over time on a graph. It is mainly used on long-term crops to determine whether they need to be sprayed.  The sensor can also be used to predict the risk disease and/or pests.
Measured values: leaf moisture as well as values typically measured by the weatherstation.

Unit price: weatherstation + leaf moisture €169

Field Sensor

This sensor measures the temperature and humidity of vegetation as well as monitors their microclimate conditions. We use this information to predict the occurrence of disease or various pests These prediction models were developed alongside the academic community. Monitoring of vegetation conditions can also be useful when applying plant protection products, as you will be able to determine their efficiency.

Measured values: temperature (°C), humidity (%)
Unit price: €139

Soil sensor

This sensor measures both the temperature and the water potential of the soil. In addition to measuring the soil water potential, the sensor is also suitable for irrigation management. One advantage this model has is that it is not required to calibrate the soil type with its chemical composition, a limitation that is common with other soil sensors.

Measured values: temperature (°C), soil moisture
Unit price: €234

Grain Hall Sensor

This 3-meter-long bar sensor is equipped with five temperature sensors and is the perfect sensor to put inside your grain storage hall. An increased temperature within the grain profile as compared to the surrounding area indicates higher humidity, which can be the main detrimental factor in the sale value of your harvest. It also reliably detects the occurrence of pests. The sensor can also be used to monitor conditions in silage pits where it can withstand temperatures of around 60 °C.

Measured values: temperature (°C)
Unit price: €344

Silo sensor

The silo sensor can be used for grain or other harvest stored within siloes. The silo measures temperatures in 7-10 evenly spaced segments (depending on height of the silo, up to 25m). This sensor reliably monitors indoor conditions as well as air-flow within the silo.

Measured values: temperature (°C)
Unit price: €394

Animal sensor

Temperature and humidity monitoring is used to ensure and monitor animal welfare in stables and coops. The data is used to control ventilation, heating, and cooling. These sensors allow you to monitor the stability of your animals’ housing conditions.

Measured values: temperature (°C), humitidy (%)
Unit price: €139

Cost of sensors

The service costs for using sensors start at €8 per month, depending on the number of sensors used.

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