Online sensors give you a perfect overview on what’s happening on your farm

Is it the right time to apply plant protection products? Is it necessary to aerate the grain inside your silo? Now the answers are in the palm of your hand with the CleverFarm application. No more traveling all across your farm – in just seconds you can find out the conditions of your fields and storage halls. Manage your farm more efficiently, and make your decisions based on data, not just your gut feelings.

Historical data

All past measurements stay in the application, even if you’ve removed or relocated your sensors.

Crop protection

By monitoring the conditions inside your storage halls, you can prevent damage caused by moisture or pests.

Data export

You can download your data in the .XLSX format. The spreadsheet will show you hourly measurements of temperature, humidity, and total rainfall for any selected time period.


Thanks to our unique prediction models, our sensors can predict the occurance, and even the development phases, of pests like the corn borer.


Our Weatherstation provides a complete overview of meteorological conditions, including temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and precipitation. You can even look back on several years of past measurements.

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Field Sensor

This sensor measures temperature and air humidity, and can also monitor microclimatic conditions of your crops. These measured values can be used to predict the occurance of diseases and pests on your sugar beets, cereals, corn, and permanent crops.

More about Field Sensors

Soil Sensor

This sensor can be on a rod or attached to a wire. It measure the temperature and water potential of the soil. In addition to that, it can help you manage irrigation and your irrigation systems. The best part is that no soil-type calibration is needed.

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Animal Welfare Sensor

This sensor monitors the temperature and humidity inside your stables and coops. This data can be used to control your air conditioning and heating.


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Storage Hall Sensor

This 3-meter rod sensor is fitted with five different temperature sensors which is kept in the stored harvest inside your storage halls. You can also use this sensor inside your silage pit, and it can withstand temperatures up to around 60 °C.

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Silo Sensor

This sensor is used to protect agricultural commodities stored in silos. It can be produced in various lengths, depending on the height of the silo (up to a maximum of 25m). The Silo Sensor has 7-10 individual sensors evenly spaced out along its length.

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„Without sensors, we wouldn’t detect problems in the fields or storage in time, meaning the damage would be several times greater.“

Bc. Ondřej Bačina


„We even save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process.“

Miroslav Novák
ASTUR Straškov


„We no longer have to physically go inspect the lawn and soil to check its conditions. All the data is in one application, which is a major advantage over its competitors.“

Marek Filipčík
Ropice Golf Resort