Homolka & Pavlík

The Homolka & Pavlík company is based in the South Moravian Region and manages about 1350 ha. One of its primary activities is the lease of agricultural land.

„I can’t imagine going back to managing our property in Excel. The amount of time saved is evident, everything is in one place. The only mistake was not purchasing this system at least two years earlier.“

Ing. Miloš Homolka

Homolka & Pavlík

With the growing amount of land and partners, keeping their records organized has become problematic. The company needed to have information, which must be accessible to investors as well, such as:

  • The purchase date of property

  • Its location

  • The corresponding lease agreement

  • The issue date of payments

The Challenge

Before the implementation of CleverAssets, the company kept its records in Excel. Whenever they needed detailed information about their land, employees had to open the applications LPIS and ČÚZK. The company was searching for a user-friendly system, which would keep a record of all information and could be accessed by investors, for a clear overview of land without the need for assistance from Mr. Homolka’s company. Upon being contacted by our firm, Mr. Homolka met with our competitors and after careful deliberation decided to go with CleverAssets.

The Solution

Our specialists uploaded all up-to-date records into the application. Thanks to the visualisation in the map window, investors can now see where their land is located and can access all information from LPIS in one place – whether land is being farmed on or not and the state of its creditworthiness. The application also offers a record of lease and sublease agreements, as well as the possibility to enter the purchase prices of specific land.


Four people from the company are now actively working in the application. Investors have their own log-in details. The CleverAssets application saves clients time by visualizing land details from the public land registry LPIS, eliminating the need to open other applications and to keep records in an additional table. The application is online, so you can access it from anywhere. The client makes frequent use of the comparing function to keep track of any changes to the land he co-owns, thereby protecting his pre-emptive right. Mr. Homolka particularly praises the tax return process for property taxes, which previously took several days to complete.