Precision farming

A unique method of using satellite images, which recognizes the variability of vegetation vitality based on monitoring arable land in all stages of growth and historical analysis of vegetation development (up to 20 years).
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Save money

Thanks to variable applications, our customers save on fertilizer and seed costs by up to 20% with the same or higher yield. Savings increase with the number of hectares, which are managed variably.

Quality and yield

In addition cost savings, the variable application will allow you to achieve a qualitatively balanced harvest and a higher yield. Savings increase with the number of hectares, which are managed variably.

Sustainable management

Variable applications ensure a positive impact on the environment and compassionate treatment of the soil, reduction in pesticides, and efficient use of fertilizers and seeds.

Monitoring actual yield conditions

In all its phases with the help of selected biophysical parameters.

Historical management zones

We will evaluate the “performance” zones of the land for each crop.

We will use all available data

Such as yield maps, soil sampling results, satellite data.

Get accurate data about your field status

Our monitoring method will help you identify what is really going on in your field. Thanks to a unique method, developed in cooperation with the Gisat company, you can get current biophysical parameters and conditions of your crop from anywhere in the world.

Monitoring the current state of crops

Monitoring the development of vegetation

Thanks to monitoring, you have an overview of the development of plants in all stages of growth.

Irrigation systems

Focus on irrigating plants on areas of the land which suffer from water stress.

Regenerative and qualitative fertilization

Administer fertilizer economically and save up to 25% of the material.

Administration of growth stimulators and fungicides

Administer morpholegulators economically and save up to 25% of material.

Our technology

Our technology recognizes biophysical parameters in all phases of growth.

Biomass volume

Biomass volume (LAI) means total m2 of leaf area over 1 m2 of soil for fungicides and morforegulators applications.

Chlorofyll content

Chlorofyl content in the leaves and micrograms for N fertilization.

Water content

Water content in the leaves (mm) for effective Irrigation management.

Biophysical parameters vs NDVI

Chlorophyll content

Growth potential based on historical data

The service describes the spatial variability of agricultural growth using historical analysis of satellite images (up to the past 25 years). In every zone, each crop is analyzed and the quality in relation to the best zone is evaluated. The output is to determine the area and relative potential of each zone.

Winter rape

Winter wheat

Historical analysis of vegetation development

Balance fertilization

Based on historical data, we will evaluate the growth potential of each crop. Subsequently, you can variably administer different amounts of fertilizer into the zones that result from this evaluation.

Variable sowing

Furthermore, the growth potential will ensure a quality yield with even lower seed costs per crop. Historical data will ensure sowing optimization; sow only where it is needed.

Soil Sampling Optimization

Reduce the number of samples taken based on long-term stable yield levels of the land.

How do we get variable applications into your machine?

You upload the created map to the terminal of your tractor using a portable disk, add attachments and administer the fertilizer according to the designated zones via the ISOBUS interface. The method will make efficient use of fertilizer, increase yields and contribute to environmental protection.

Farms that uses variable applications with CleverFarm
‚‚We save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process.’’
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