How do diseases develop on your crops?

CleverFarm is the first company inside the Czech Republic to produce an app for farmers which can reliably help them predict the occurrence of pests and diseases on their crops. This includes corn borers, fungus, and other diseases.

Thanks to our unique prediction model, farmers can now have a more precise method of protecting their crops. CleverFarm is the first company in the Czech market to introduce mathematical models which are able to predict the risk of disease of pest infestation. One of the key pests is the corn borer, which has been spreading farther north due to the changing climate. To combat this, CleverFarm has added a prediction model to the other features that their IoT sensors offer, including measurements of temperature, humidity, etc.  They offer a wide catalogue of sensors, suitable for both out in the fields and inside storage halls and silos. The data that these sensors provide can now alert farmers to potential pests of diseases which can ruin their crops. This proactive approach allows them to use less plant-protection sprays, which not only saves on material costs, but also is good for the environment.

Our app is the first solution in Europe which can predict threats to your crops using complex mathematical models. To our users, however, it’s not that complex – the app does all the hard work for you. Just set up the appropriate sensors, and the data they collect will be enough for the app to calculate everything for you.
Adam Zlotý, CEO of CleverFarm

Technology which helps combat the corn borer

So far, the most widely used method of dealing with the European corn borer is through prevention. Every year, farmers have many questions about what to do with these things, and it’s a very simple question to answer. However, the new era of technology is beginning to help with this problem. IoT sensors out in the fields provide enough data for us to accurately predict different infestations from borers, diseases, and other pests. This helps save agronomists both time and money (and maybe even a little bit of sanity).

CleverFarm’s meteorological stand with a leaf-moisture sensor

CleverFarm’s meteorological stand with a leaf-moisture sensor

The CleverFarm prediction model involves summing up the temperatures of all previous days in the calendar year. For any sensors installed in the middle of the year, the missing measurements are retrieved from the nearest public weather station. After the sum of temperatures reaches a certain threshold, farmers are given a warning through the app. We also provide information on the different development stages of this pest. With the combination of warnings and information, we give our farmers a powerful tool to fight back against these pests. In the app, you can easily keep track of the multi-staged predictions, as well as see the total number of alerts for any given plot.

Even diseases on cereal grains can be prediction

The meteorological stand now has extended functionality with its new leaf-moisture sensor. Using this, CleverFarm has become the first on the market who can accurately predict diseases in cereal crops. The most common of these diseases are Septorium and Feospheria spots. Infested crops can suffer significant losses, and under the worst conditions, can result in a 60% reduction of yields.
In the future, CleverFarm is preparing even more prediction models which will be useful for wheat and rapeseed. We’ve also developed models for vineyards and sugar beets which are waiting to be applied in real life. Potatoes and hops are also on our radar.